Vision of the Malagasy Customs

« A Leading Customs Administration »


The Malagasy Customs together with the Malagasy Network Community Services, Gasynet, a long time partner, set up a new vision for the year 2013: a “leading administration” that has the ambition to enlighten and guide. While adopting the symbol of the majestic infrastructure of a “lighthouse”, this administration proudly portrays itself as modern and exemplary.

This vision on which will rest the actions for the year revolves around four themes vested in each direction and department connected to the General Direction:

1. Efficient collection of revenues
2. Facilitation of clearance operations
3. Un environnement de qualité
4. Fight against counterfeiting and illicit trafficking

Every direction and department is committed to coordinate actions to implement and provide the human, material, and financial resources necessary for the achievement of the agreed goals, and as a team they intend to reach these specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic and temporal goals.

Douanes Malagasy 2017
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