Prohibitions and bans

For the purposes of customs regulations, are considered prohibited all goods whose import or export is prohibited in any capacity whatsoever, or subject to special formalities.

Goods subject to special formalities

The fact that these goods are regulated from other governments or public institutions (eg Ministry of Mines, OMERT …), customs requires for the purpose of customs clearance that the formalities required by these regulations has been made ​​in advance.

Documents proving the fulfillment of these requirements must be attached to the customs declaration. However, in some exceptional cases, where this is not contrary to regulations, these parts can be cleared, that is to say that he undertakes to produce them after customs clearance.

The fulfillment of these requirements and formalities will be in MIDAC (electronic single window TradeNet Madagascar) for certain departments and agencies have already concluded an agreement with the Customs Administration.

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 Live animals, Live pisces 

 Domestics dogs and cats 

 Meat of all kinds 


 Animal fats or vegetable oils, and their cleavage products; prepared edible fats; animals or vegetable waxes … 

 Seeds, fruits and spores for sowing. 

 Residues and waste from the food industries; prepared animal feed 

 Live plants and floricultural products ; Vegetables, roots and tubers ; Edible fruit, peel of citrus fruit or melons ; Unmanufactured tobacco, tobacco refuse… 

 Plant products 

 Products usable for human consumption. 


 Weighing instruments; with a 5cg sensitivity or better ; Measuring instruments for public use… 

 Raffia and sisal 

 Chemicals, machinery, Used Vehicles 

 Moving items 

 Explosives and weapons: Weapons of 1st category 

 Gear and warships 

 Animals or plants to export 

 Timber for export 

 Arms, ammunition and accessories, 2nd or 3rd categories weapons. 

 Raw materials and inputs used in the manufacture of medicinal and industrial use. 

 Exporting mineral substances. ; Pearls, gemstones and precious metals to export. 

 Jewelry export 

 Pearls, gemstones and precious metals to import. 

 Pearls, gemstones and precious metals to import. 

 Communications and telecommunications equipments 

 Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and products containing these substances 

 Acid, antibiotics and pharmaceuticals 

 Cosmetics and other suitable perfumery by application to the skin and containing mercury 

 Trucks and buses with a total weight greater than or equal to 3,500 tons load

Live animals, Live pisces

BOM concerned

From 01.01 to 01.05, 0106.90 (11, 12, 19, 99)


Simultaneous production of an import authorization and a health certificate issued by the competent Ministry for live animals from 01.01 to 01.06 and 03.01 for live fish

Required documents

Import authorization and health certificate

Prohibited goods

On import

  • Counterfeit products
  • Products detrimental to morality

At export

  • The waste and scrap

Decree No. 2012-1113 of 04/12/12 suspends until further notice the export of :

  • scrap of all kinds : Tariff Position: 72 04
  • waste and scrap of aluminum : heading : 76 February 00
  • waste and scrap of copper : heading : 74 April 00

Species subject to CITES

The fauna and flora of Madagascar are specially protected by bans, or at least by strict regulations by ITES. (See also: www.cites –  for more information).

Fauna and flora species are classified in this Convention annexes:

Annex I:

  • Endangered species
  • international trade banned
  • Trade authorized in exceptional circumstances (eg scientific research). In this case, an export permit (or re-export certificate) and an import permit will be issued

Annex II:

  • Species that are not necessarily threatened with extinction now but may become so, unless if trade of specimens were not closely controlled
  • International trade can be allowed

Annex III:

  • Species listed in Appendix III of CITES, subject to national legislation
  • their international trade is controlled with other CITES Parties

List of Animals Malagasy listed in the CITES Appendices


Annex I:

  • All Lemurs
  • All species of whales (3 species for M / car)
  • Dugong dugong (Lambondriaka)

 Annex II:

  • Pteropus spp. (Except the species included in Appendix I)
  • Cryptoprocta ferox (FOSA)
  • Eupleres goudotii (Ridaridy, Amboalaolo)
  • Fossa fossana (fanaloka / Fosa)


Annex I:

  • alco peregrinus (Voromahery)
  • Tyto soumagnei (Vorondolo led)

Annex II:

  • All Flamingos (Samaka)
  • Anas bernieri (Mireha, Sadakely, Fotsielatra)
  • Sarkidiornis melanotos (Arosy, Tsivongo Ara)
  • All FALCONIFORMES except Falco peregrinus (Annex I)


Falco newtoni (Hitsikitsika)

Haliaeetus vociferoides (Ankoay)

Milvus migrans (Papango)

  • All STRIGIFORMES except Tyto soumagnei (Annex I)


Asio madagascariensis

Tyto alba

  • All PSCITTACIFORMES (Boloky & Sarivazo)


Coracopsis nigra (Boloky kely)

Coracopsis vasa (Boloky be)

Agapornis cana (Sarivazo)


Annex I:

  • Tortoises :

Geochelone radiata

Geochelone yniphora (Angonoka, tortoise with ploughshare)

Pyxis arachnoides

Pyxis planicauda

  • Sea turtles :

Dermochelys coriacea


Caretta caretta

  • Brookesia perarmata
  • Acrantophis dumerili


Sanzinia madagascariensis

Annex II:

  • Tortoises : Kinixys belliana (Angonoka)
  • Freshwater turtles : Erymnochelys madagascariensis (Rere)
  • Crocodylus niloticus
  • Phelsuma spp.
  • Uroplatus spp.
  • Brookesia spp. except Brookesia perarmata (Annex I)
  • Calumma spp.
  • Furcifer spp.


Annex I:

  • Dyscophus antongilii

Annex II:

  • Mantella spp.
  • Scaphiophryne gottlebei
  • Hoplobatrachus tigerinus


Annex I:

  • Rhincodon typus
  • Carcharodon carcharias


Annex I:

  • Hippocampus spp.


Annex I:

  • Latimeria spp.



Annex II:

Tridacna spp.

 List of plant species listed in the CITES Appendices

Annex I

  • Small baobab : Pachypodium

Pachypodium ambogense, P. decaryi, P. baronii

  • Vahona : Aloe

Albiflora A., A. bakeri, A. calcairophila, A. delphinensis

Haworthiodes A., A. laeta, A. parvula, A. rauhi

A. alfredii, A. bellatula, A. compressa, A. descoingsii

A. helenae, A. parallelifolia, A. versicolor, A. suzannae

  • Songosongo : Euphorbia

Ambovombenisis E., E. decaryi, E. parvicyathophora

Cremersii E., E. françoisii, E. quartziticola

Cylindrifolia E., E. moratii, E. tulearensis

  • Kisatrasatra : Orchids

Aerangis elata / Aerangis platyphilla (Other synonym: Angraecum ellisii, Angraecum dubuyssonii, Aerangis buyssonii, Angrochis ellisii, Aerangis platyphylla, Aerangis ellisii, Aerangis cryptodon)

  • Palm: Dypsis decipiens

Annex II

  • All seeds of species attached to the CITES

Pachypodium (All other Pachypodium than those listed in Appendix I) : small Baobab

  • All species of Aloe (Aloe spp.) Other than those listed in Annex I);
  • All species of Cactaceae, Cactus or Rhipsalis ;

The Stipes of all species Cyatheaceae and tree ferns ;

  • All species of Cycadaceae (All Cycas Palms) ;
  • All species of Didieraceae ;
  • All species Dicksoniaceae ;

Ceropegia spp ;

  • All Euphorbia (Euphorbia spp.) Other than those listed in Annex I;
  • All species of orchids ;

Neodypsis decaryi (triangular palm tree) ;

Prunus africana (Pygeum africanum) : Sary, Kotofihy ;

Ravenea rivularis : Gora Bakaly, Vakaka, Malio ;

Ravenea louveli : Lakamarefo, Siraboto ;

Satranala decussilvae : Satranala

Lemurophoenix halleuxii : hovitra varimena ;

Marojeya darianii : ravimbe ;

Beccariophoenix madagascariensis : manarano, Manara, maroala (Andasibe) Sikomba (Antanosy) ;

Voanioala gerardii : Voanioala (Betsimisaraka).

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