Organization Chart

Customs General Direction

The General Direction is responsible for :

  • proposing and executing the State’s politics about Customs matters;
  • efficiently collecting the Customs revenues;
  • collecting and analyzing foreign trade statistics;
  • surveillance of the national territory;
  • fighting against Customs fraud;
  • securing the international logistical chain.

Customs General Direction has at its disposal

  • A Coordination, Follow-up and Assessment of Customs Actions Cell:  
    • RABENASOLO Faraniaina
    • RAKOTOBE Jean Louis
  • Administrative and financial Department directed by RAMAMONJISOA Jean Ernest
  • Inspection Department directed by RASAMBIMANANA Jean Bosco

The Customs General Direction consists of :

  • the Direction of Foreign Services.
  • the Direction of Legislation, Regulation and Studies;
  • the Direction of Statistics and Accounting;
  • the Direction of Legal Matters and Fight Against Fraud;
  • the National Direction of Professional Training.

Direction of Foreign Services

Mr. MANANTOHA Dieudonné, appointed as Director according to the decree n° 2009-823 of 06-10-09,

The Direction is in charge of:

  • supervising and controlling Customs offices activities;
  • implementing structures in national territories for a closer and better management;
  • supervising the general surveillance of the national territory.

The Direction consists of two departments :

  • Commercial Operations Department directed by Mr. RAFIDISON Justin
  • Department of Territory Surveillance:  

Direction of Legislation, Regulation and Studies

Monsieur RAKOTONDRAZAKA Roger, appointed as Director according to the decree n°-2007-663 of 10-07-07.

The Direction is in charge of:

  • preparing the project of the law of finances;
  • studying and processing documents related to the Customs regimes, to Customs tariffs, to the profession of Customs brokers, to the origin as well as the inspection of goods;
  • representing the Administration during international meetings about Customs and to do whatever is needed according to the engagements subscribed in these meetings;
  • helping operators to apply the texts;
  • conceiving and distributing work documents;
  • working out Customs legislative and regulations texts.

The Direction consists of four departments:

  • Economic Actions Department directed by Mrs. RAZAFIMANANTSOA Velonjara
  • Studies and Documentation Department directed by Mrs. RAMANANTSOA Bebiarisoa Lisy
  • Legislation and Regulation Department directed by Mr. RAKOTOARIMALALA Haja Noely
  • International Relation Department directed by Mrs. RAMBELOSON Tantely Tiana

The Direction of Statistics and Accounting

Mr. RABENJA Eric Narivony, appointed as Director according to the decree n°2012-333 du 7 Mars 2012.

The Direction is in charge of:

  • proposing and participating in the implementation of the strategy of information of Customs Departments;
  • processing, using, distributing and archiving the statistical records about Customs revenues and foreign trade;
  • implementing and using an automated integrated system for Customs accounting in SIGFP/PGDI ;
  • controlling, processing, assuring the accounting data usage and follow-up;
  • coordinating and managing the internal and external interfaces of the computer system and extending their applications at the Customs General Direction level.

The Direction consists of three Departments:

  • Accounting Department directed by Mr. RANDRIAMIZAKA  Fidiravaka Lala
  • Studies Department directed by Mrs. RANASY Sandrina Marcelle
  • Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis directed by Mrs. RAKOTOARISOA Antsa

The Direction of Legal Matters and Fight Against Fraud

Mr. RAKOTO Andriatiana, appointed as Director according to the decree N° 2007-661 of 07/10/07

The Direction is in charge of:

  • studying and processing documents under Customs repressive litigation;
  • proceeding to the a posteriori control of Customs declarations;
  • leading investigations in companies;
  • collecting, analyzing and managing information concerning the fight against fraud;
  • tracking and punishing Customs fraud.

The Direction consists of three departments:

  • Department of Legal Matters and Litigation directed by Mr. RAKOTONIRINA Hery Andre
  • Department of the Fight against Fraud directed by Mr. RAMAHERISON Tolojanahary
  • Department of Information, Documentation and International Mutual Administrative Aid directed by Mr. RANDRIANOELY Herilala

The National Direction of Professional Training

Mr. RABENJARIJAONA Hery Mandimby, appointed as director according to the decree n° 2007-664 of 07-10-07

The Direction is in charge of:

  • assuring the initial training of agents who will serve in the Customs administration;
  • organizing the ongoing training and helping customs agents to improve their skills;
  • training Customs staff;
  • training foreign Customs civil servants.

The Direction consists of three departments:

  • Administration and Financial Department directed by Mr. RABARIJAONA José Christian
  • Department of Training and Capacity Building directed by Mr. RANDRIANAIVOSON Harilanto
  • School Department directed by Mrs. RAHANTASOA Yolande
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