Peak of Customs Seizure

2, 525 kilo of gold discovered at Ivato airport.

No Easter break for the customs services of the Ivato airport. Eleven days after the events of March 17, another attempt of illegal exportation of gold is discovered by customs. If we refer to the price of gold in the local market, the total value of this is estimated to about  352 500 000 AR, an amount that could be revised upwards because we talk about pure gold. Customs agents could lay their hands on the precious metal on the basis of information.

After a thorough search of the checked luggage of an Indian national who wanted to go to Mumbai, via Turkish Airlines, customs agents first discovered a jack for lifting a twelve tons car. That incites them immediately to ask for an invoice. The person was not able to produce one. When questioned, he formally denied the existence of object hidden inside the device, which, weighs strangely heavy. Customs officers decided to seize the object, and, on hearing these words, the Indian national looked really unwell.

Then putting an end to the suspense, customs agents took the initiative to dismantle patiently the jack. To the great surprise, a yellow piece of metal begins to appear. They also had to use a grindstone to bring about a "small" bottle of pure gold.
The Indian national accepted to pay all fines related. So he could be released and took the flight, while the goods were abandoned for the benefit of the Customs Administration.


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