Customs Infringements

One kilo of gold seized by Customs agents at Ivato

Good catch by Customs agents from Ivato airport. On Thursday, March 17,  2016 around 16 pm, Customs agents of the Ivato airport discovered four foreign nationals from Sri Lanka. Every one of them carried 250 grams of gold, so one kilo in total. The gold was made into jewels briefly worked and not punched: two bracelets, four rings, two necklaces and two hand chains. This was found while processing the Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi.

During the routine search, these four people were not able to produce the required documents about the exportation of gold (Certificate of conformity issued by the mining administration; gold stock declaration from the National Agency of Gold or ANOR; customs declaration made to the customs office of Ivato Airport). They were immediately arrested. An investigation was opened because it is an infringement punished twice: by the Customs Code and by the currency code, since gold is seen as a means of payment.The goods were immediately seized for the benefit of the Administration. A customs transaction request is on the process for the litigation settlement.

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