Mobile Brigade of Surveillance

The Mobile Brigade of Surveillance (BMS) has been created by the decision n° 1507 MEFB/SG/DHGDS of December 15, 2005.

The creation, the equipment, the installation and the progressive implementation of the Mobile Brigades of Surveillance (BMS) have been achieved in order to cover more efficiently the Malagasy customs territory.  The objective is also and to apprehend all forms of contraband and customs fraud either in traditional or modern form, and notably those that carry a serious prejudice to the states incomes, jeopardize the national wealth (fish stocks, mining products, protected rare species and flora and fauna) and damage the health and security of consumers (drugs, weapons, counterfeit products).


  • Surveillance of flow of people, goods and means of transport;
  • observation of movements of the coastline including the mouths of streams and fishing harbors;
  • control the situation of goods under some restrictions of circulation;
  • surveillance of means of commercial transport that transport goods under customs subjection (transit) or that circulate in the security-sensitive areas (rears of Custom Offices);
  • control of the reliability of the conditions under which goods are kept and also the circulation of goods (fuels, precious stones, or , narcotics,…);
  • collect information on fraud.
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