Information center

Why a centre of information is needed?

The customs administration in its modernization has amongst the objectives, the improvement of communication, the transparency of its procedures and the strengthening of the public-private partnership.

How to reach the goals?

By creating nine centres of documentation at the customs offices, with the funding of the African Bank of development and through the institutional strengthening project for good governance called PRIBG (Projet Institutionnel Visant la Bonne Gouvernance).

Where are the nine information centers situated?

What can be seen there?

- Customs code
- Customs tariff
- Various international conventions related with customs activities (OMC, Convention of Viennes, Convention of Florence, Cotonou Agreement,….)
- Documents of the WCO, its agreements and conventions: SH, Origin, Evaluation in customs,…
- Customs and the Ministry News Report,

The centre also has an internet access

Who is in charge of the information centre?

Customs officers who received training on the technique of management of documents, by the centre of information and scientific as well as technical documentation CIDST (Centre d’Information et de la Documentation Scientifique et Technique)

Who can have access?

- Operators
- Students
- Customs agents
- The public

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