Code of Conduct

  • The code of conduct is a set of rules and norms in a particular environment. It defines what to do and what not to do. It is based on ethical value. What differentiate it to ethical code is that it is obligatory and punishes offenders.
  • The principal objectives of this code are to build confidence toward all the customs partners and to reconcile efficiency of controls and trade facilitation.
  • The finality of this code is to promote the professional integrity of the Customs Administration staff and to inform the public what conduct they have the right to expect from these agents.
  • It is necessary to notice that this code applies to all the staff of the Malagasy Customs Administration.

Values and general principles

- Values that implies the code of conduct

Customs agents must display integrity and professionalism while performing their duties and must cultivate a spirit of cooperation on social and professional plan while ensuring the prestige and the pride of the Administration (Excellence and solidarity).

- General principles that guide the Customs Administration agents while performing their duties

Loyalty and honesty, assiduity and punctuality, confidentiality, responsibility and transparency are amongst the obligations to which the customs agents should be submitted while performing their duties. The Administration for his part must guarantee the inviolability of the independence of all custom agents while performing their duties and must apply an equal and objective treatment toward the whole staff for all comparable situations.

Attitudes and behaviors within the Customs Administration

- Execution and hierarchy

Customs agents must fulfill their duties according to the laws, the regulations, and rules of ethics related to their functions. They must maintain a good relationship with their superior, colleagues and subordinates, and such relationship should be based on mutual respect, team spirit and the straightforward collaboration.

- Behavior

Customs agents, with whatever rank, representing the Customs Administration must fulfill their function with loyalty and integrity. They should also ensure the continuity of the service in any case without retaining any information. Maintaining strict political neutrality is a must.

- Incompatibility

Customs agents must not do another job which creates something that seems to be a conflict of interests, potential or susceptible to appear as such.

Attitudes and behaviors towards agents of the other administrations and customers

Customs agents maintain some good professional relationship with other administrations agents that must produce a straightforward collaboration between them.

Customs agents must avoid all forms of abuse, be polite towards customers, to be rigorous and professional.

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